Having worked with several families through renovations of varying sizes to their homes, I possibly didn’t fully appreciate the impact on day to day living, until that is, we decided to embark on a kitchen / diner extension ourselves…

6 weeks in & we are hitting the most disruptive stage, in which the builders have just knocked through, argghh

Having 3 young children who don’t need an excuse to roll around in mud, they’re having a ball. I, on the other hand have spent a small fortune on bleach and other generic cleaning products. It is nigh on impossible to keep any level of cleanliness and order whilst all this is going on. My feral children are in germy heaven.

Thankfully, our building team are a good bunch of lads and happily play along on the 50th time of being asked “what you doing builders?” by my inquisitive 2 year old. Not your stereotypical builders, ours listen to Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and drink green tea. As with all builders though, they create a certain amount of chaos, noise and dirt.

Here are my top tips for living through building work:

  • Don’t be precious about your mugs. The cement can only enhance the design
  • Ensure you’re well stocked on tea, sugar & milk & be prepared to make ALOT of tea when working from home!
  • Keep the neighbours on side by providing a steady supply of cake, sweet treats/gin
  • Invest in a well fitted blind at the bathroom window!
  • Portaloo’s are great inventions although an eye sore if positioned at your lounge window!

In all seriousness, building work needs careful management to avoid projects exceeding budget or time allocated. The team will also need to get hold of you by phone quickly and easily on a daily basis to avoid any project hold ups or crucial decisions being made without your input. Builders will tend to opt for the easiest option unless someone is available to direct them otherwise (i.e. pipes from the floor not chased into the wall).

Project managing a build can be a stressful and time consuming process, particularly difficult to manage around a full time job. The team at Ava Rose Interiors would be happy to assist with all or part of the project management as required. Having had experience both professionally and personally, we can help you to avoid the common pitfalls that are all too easy to face. Feel free to call for a no obligation consultation or just a moan to let off steam if necessary. Happy building!!

Home for the foreseeable future