Plants – Friend or Faux?!

Plants for Interior Design – Friend or Faux!!

So many of my clients are incredibly busy, juggling work & home life, like so many of us. When I specify plants as part of the finishing touches for an Interior Design scheme (which I often do!), I’m often faced with the rolling of eyes, quickly followed by something like ‘It’s a plant or one of the kids. I don’t have the time to keep both alive.’

In these situations, I’ll often suggest artificial plants, but it has left me thinking, am I giving up on real, living plants too easily?

Plants: The Benefits

The health benefits of having real plants in the home is well researched and there are many suggested links between wellbeing and house plants; from reducing stress to helping achieve a good night’s sleep.

As a self-confessed dendrophile (don’t worry, this is the term given to someone who has a love of trees, nothing too sinister) I love nothing more than a walk through a forest; the smells, colours and sounds from the birds help to lift my mood & inspire me. 

Room for Artificial Plants

However, I too struggle to keep plants alive in the home. My children are beyond the age of practising scissor skills on the leaves of a Palm but still, I’m a terrible plant mother.

So, albeit I may be in danger of sitting on the fence, I think my advice would be to have a bit of both in the home. In rooms where the health benefits are beneficial, such as the bedroom, study or work space & areas of the living space, I would opt for real plants and if you are a self-confessed plant killer, opt for more hardier varieties. 

Recommended Plants for the Bedroom

Plants believed to promote a good night’s sleep that are also hardy:

Recommended general hardy houseplants

When to Choose Artificial Plants

 For darker areas of the home, those close to heat sources or direct sunlight, go FAUX. In addition, should you be tempted to invest in a temperamental Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree or a Banana Plant, don’t do it unless you have done your research & are prepared to dedicate some time to its care on a regular basis. In these instances, if in doubt, go faux. 

Also remember, whether real or faux, houseplants are an investment. As with most things, scrimping on cost will likely mean scrimping on quality. If you want your artificial plant to stand up against its real living buddies, you need to be prepared to make a small investment & as always, read the reviews before committing! 

Happy plant shopping!

Love Jane xx