Art is a passion of ours at Ava Rose Interior Design, however, I’m not that person who you see stood in front of a painting at the Tate Modern for hours on end, moving their head from one side to the other. Most of that Art goes way over my head. I don’t “get it” and it doesn’t evoke any feelings within me, other than confusion or bemusement. Art should make you feel something &
I’ve met too many clients to mention that start the conversation ‘I love colour but…..’ Said clients, often have elaborate Pinterest boards featuring colourful room designs but when it comes to the crunch, often opt for neutral colour schemes. I totally get it. I struggled with injecting bold colours into my home until I became an Interior Designer. I always thought dark colours would shrink a room, or feel ‘heavy’ or I’d get bored quickly. In fact,

16 September 2021

Plants – Friend or Faux?!

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Plants for Interior Design – Friend or Faux!! So many of my clients are incredibly busy, juggling work & home life, like so many of us. When I specify plants as part of the finishing touches for an Interior Design scheme (which I often do!), I’m often faced with the rolling of eyes, quickly followed by something like ‘It’s a plant or one of the kids. I don’t have the time to keep both alive.’
So, as an interior designer, I have worked with many a client, supporting them (consoling them) through the trials and tribulations of an extension project. I possibly didn’t fully appreciate the stress that comes with it, until I’m living through one myself. That is, me, my hard working partner (who’s working days seem to be getting busier and longer, the dirtier and more chaotic the house is becoming!) and my 3 children (who think the
My client got in touch with Ava Rose Interiors needing some inspiration to change a large living area into a cosy space for the family to enjoy together. It was a large room, over 7m long & nearly 5m wide, with 4 windows and the original front door to manage in the scheme. We were advised that the fireplace was to stay & no changes to the windows or door but everything else was up

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