Selling a property can be a daunting task, especially if you want to get the best price possible. One way to increase the chances of selling your property at a good price is by home staging (If you haven’t watched an episode of Selling Sunset, that’s Home Staging on steroids!) Home staging involves decorating and arranging your home in a way that highlights its best features and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. In
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Wayhay!!!! It’s almost April at last, officially Spring… The weather has suggested otherwise but finally, the sun is shining. I even went for a dog walk without my ‘sleeping bag’ coat earlier, it was that warm! So, I think it’s almost time to pack away the faux fur throws, Oodies & bobble hats & finally embrace Spring, but how do we get our homes spring ready without blowing the budget? Here are my tips for just that: 1. Declutter Boring I know
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So, Green is the new Blue within Interior Design colour schemes but how do you feel about going Green in the Kitchen? Going for colour in the kitchen can be a scary prospect if you’re thinking changes, and ultimately investment, to this room needs a lifespan of several years. So how do you introduce colour without the risk of growing tired of it at a later date? Here are a few of my hints & tips of
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Art is a passion of ours at Ava Rose Interior Design, however, I’m not that person who you see stood in front of a painting at the Tate Modern for hours on end, moving their head from one side to the other. Most of that Art goes way over my head. I don’t “get it” and it doesn’t evoke any feelings within me, other than confusion or bemusement. Art should make you feel something &
I’ve met too many clients to mention that start the conversation ‘I love colour but…..’ Said clients, often have elaborate Pinterest boards featuring colourful room designs but when it comes to the crunch, often opt for neutral colour schemes. Understandable. I struggled with injecting bold colours into my home until becoming an Interior Designer. I always thought dark colours would shrink a room or feel ‘heavy’ or I’d get bored quickly. In fact, the opposite is true

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